Yusef Abubaker Memorial Trust - a Charity registered in Scotland since 2008, helping those in need both locally and globally.

Remembering Yusef

Yusef and his dad spent many a time watching historical movies and discussing history. Abubaker has lost his soul mate and his best friend. There are so many things they used to do together that are too painful for his dad to contemplate...

Aims and Objectives

The aims of the charity are:

To alleviate poverty


Assist in the provision of medical treatment of the sick


Feed the hungry


Assist in education


Help provide clean running water wherever it is required


Providing sports equipment and funding

Basically, where there is a need, the Yusef Abubaker Memorial Trust will endeavour to be of help.

Yusef’s chosen charities

One of Yusef’s chosen charities for which he intended to fundraise.

British Heart Foundation

Cancer Research

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