9 Year Anniversary of Yusef’s Death September 2016

9 Year Anniversary of Yusef's Death September 2016

Our beautiful, handsome son and brother Yusef left us 9 long years ago today. God wanted him back and he is waiting for us. Yusef would be 21 now. The pain doesn’t go, the missing grows but Yusef lives on in his brothers and in all that we do in his memory.

The Yusef Abubaker Memorial Trust has helped so many people – provided anaesthesia and pain relief in the war zones, returned people’s sight with cataract surgery, clothed and fed those in need and provided fresh, clean drinking water to those who would otherwise have to walk miles to reach a well. We’ve fed the fasting, kitted out football and rugby teams with strips and gyms with equipment- to name but a few deeds.

None of this would be possible without the continued and valued support and generosity of you- our supporters. At this moment, our focus as a charity is to rebuild the Yusef Abubaker Memorial Library which was damaged beyond repair by last year’s earthquakes. The fundraising for this great cause is ongoing.

It is crazy to consider how much we have all achieved together over the past few years and more importantly, the outstanding work we can continue to carry out in Yusef’s memory.

Please continue to help us help others.

9 Year Anniversary of Yusef's Death September 2016

Written on 13 August 2019