Heart-warming Comments from Seva Director – April 2022

“I hope you go into the weekend with the comfort of knowing that hundreds more are seeing because of you, your family, and your wonderful community of supporters. Just imagine those many lives and families who are seeing the world differently because of your generosity and compassion.….. and through Yusef, your family’s love and dedication to carrying on his memory, so much is possible. You have brought all of us together, from many countries, cultures, and languages. On this day of remembering the life of Yusef, we are grateful for your family’s compassion and goodness, changing lives forever through these two eye camps”.

 – Julie Nestingen, Senior Director of Development at Seva Foundation.

This is for everyone who support us with your donations. £5,700 was raised and fully funded these two life-changing camps. Thank you all so much.

Written on 17 July 2022