Nepal Cataract Surgery Camps – November 2021

At last!

After nearly 3 years, thanks to Seva Foundation, we have eventually been able to spend some of our funds raised for cataract surgery. They successfully completed 3 days at the surgical camp in Kummyak.  Kandel jee (Seva’s Country Director) was there for the first day and Praful, one of the Youth Coordinators, stayed there with the surgical team for all 3 days.  They collected photos, case studies, and Praful is making a video and a report.

This was not an easy commitment to fulfil, and I was determined to keep the money back until I found a charity that would value our donation and spend it performing cataract surgery on those who couldn’t otherwise access this procedure.

We are happy to be able to share this picture of the view from our first cataract surgery screening camp in Nepal.

May be an image of nature and mountain.

Written on 17 July 2022