Yusef continuing to touch the lives of so many

Yusef continuing to touch the lives of so many

In May 2020, we received the following most touching message:  Without fail, every time our hearts are filled with missing Yusef, some lovely person reaches out to us with their own story of how Yusef has touched their life.

Hi there Alison,

I know that you have visited the library that has been created in memory of your lovely son Yusef, but I just wanted you to know that I volunteered for First Steps Himalayas last Summer and I had the privilege of reading books in the library, and I was filmed reading the books as part of teacher training.

It is a special place and the way in which Yusef’s memory lives on and the impact this generosity of spirit has on others is truly remarkable. I will NEVER forget my time there. What a wonderful place you and your family have helped create. Out of sadness and grief you have SO selflessly brought joy and rich learning experiences to others. There are no words. MUCH love and gratitude to you and your family

ALWAYS wanted to write to you and your family and just wish I had done so sooner.

Written on 19 March 2022