Yusef’s Friend Writes Song in his Memory, April 2018

Jake McAllister – childhood friend of Yusef’s and a talented musician – wrote a song about Yusef and the experience of losing a close friend at a tender young age. The song itself was incredible and very touching for us all.

Jake wrote some kind words about the song: “In 1st year of high school one of my best friends from primary school passed away suddenly from a sudden cardiac arrythmia. His name was Yusef Abubaker. I had the pleasure of spending plenty of time with him and his family when I was younger. I am still in contact with them till this day.

It was a horrible experience for myself losing someone so close to me but I cannot imagine what it must have been like for his family not having his big personality kicking about the house anymore.

The reason I’m writing this post and posting this song that I wrote for Yusef is to hopefully raise awareness of the charity that Yusef’s mother Alison Abubaker has set up on behalf of him. Alison is literally an inspiration to me as she has done an incredible amount of charitable work along with all her family and close friends.”

Thank you, Jake, for your incredible gesture and beautiful song in memory of Yusef. He was hugely fortunate to have good people like you in his life.

Written on 15 August 2019